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Explore the efficient and sustainable features of E lane @ Carnegie

Energy Efficiency | Exterior | Interior

Energy Efficiency & Technology

TED - The Energy Detective

SIP Construction and Foam Insulation

Solar Tubes

1. SIPs construction: 6.5” walls R-27, 10.25” roof panels R-40, Air tight construction.

2. Superior Wall Foundation System: Prefab concrete panels with 8” of polystyrene R-35. The rim joists sealed with icynene insulation foam.

3. Energy-Star Andersen 400 Series windows & patio doors: Auto System in clerestory also reduces daytime energy consumption

4. Energy-Star Entry full view doors: Bring in natural light while limiting heat transfer.

5. Solar Tubes: Bring natural light in to reduce daylight energy consumption

6. Energy-Star ceiling fans: Help control comfort, ventilate and operate efficiently. A ceiling fan can reduce room temp by up to 4 degrees.

7. Electric switch system: Designed to turn off designated outlets to control or eliminate phantom electricity usage.

8. TED (The Energy Detective): Monitors electric usage in real time. Relays info in KW or dollars. “if you can measure it, you can manage it.

9. Smoke glass doors: Provide privacy while letting light into the interior.

10. Insulation wrapped Whirlpool electric hot water heater: User controls to set efficiency and control water temp. Strategically placed within a short distance to all faucets, thus reducing water waste and the wait for hot water. Shower heads are low flow 1.6 gal per minute (typical 2.5g/m) . Low flow toilets use 1.28 gal per flush (typical 1.6g/f).

11. Energy-Star heat pump: (SEER 14) Equipped with Aprilaire ventilation system controls fresh air and humidity levels for cost effective comfort control.
*This all electric home qualifies for reduced winter utility rates offered by Duquesne Light in Carnegie.

12. Energy-Star appliances and lighting fixtures: Reduce energy consumption. Appliances and lighting account for 17% of a home’s annual energy usage.

Programmable Thermostat: Reduces energy consumption.

Low Maintenance Exterior

1. Exposed fastener metal roofing: Moves water away from the building. 45 year warranty. Made with recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

2. Low maintenance aluminum seamless gutters: 25 year warranty.

3. No-Maintenance architectural metal siding: 26 gauge with 45 year warranty.

4. JamesHardie fiber cement board siding: Factory painted finish

5. Front roof run-off: is fed into the entrance bio retention pond for filtration & irrigation prior to discharge into local rivers.

6. Nichiha fiber cement board rainscreen: Made from 25% recycled post consumer waste. Fifty (50) year finish warranty.

7. River rock: front courtyard harvested from local rivers.

8. No-Maintenance Trim: Factory finished, recyclable metal trim, soffit & fascia. Twenty nine (29 gauge) with 45 year warranty.


Sustainable Interior

9. Semi-detached double car garage: Plus lots of storage. The space is daylighted by 3 glass block windows. Green doctrine recommends this detached approach to prevent fumes from entering the living area.

10. Bamboo hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a sustainable fast growing grass that makes a beautiful floor.

11. No-Voc paint: In several shades of green.

12. Fast growing Mid Atlantic poplar trim: All sealed with natural linseed oil.

13. Cork flooring: Warm, beautiful and renewable. 25 yr warranty.

14. IKEA cabinets and counter tops: 25 yr warranty. Counter tops are a durable natural beech.

15. Private/secure Interior courtyard: Accessible from both bedrooms and designed to make the out of doors part of the holistic home.

16. Rain barrel: Harvest back roof run-off, reduce maintenance costs and re-use water resources.

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