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E lane @ Carnegie collaborated with Botanic LLC to create a low impact natural approach to landscaping. The goal was to provide a beautiful, native garden that was both attractive and useful. The community orchard includes apples, plums, pears, chestnuts, a cranberry bush, bee balm, teaberry and strawberries. Future plans call for a community vegatable garden and composting area. E lane @ Carnegie is the perfect home for someone who is looking for a low-maintenace lifestyle but still enjoys a bit of gardening. Come live in our garden.


E lane@Carnegie, Natural Landscaping
by Jesse Jon Salensky, Principal, Botanic LLC

Green Home building doesn’t end at the walls. Beyond material selection, compact fluorescent bulbs, and green roofs; Sustainable design starts with site planning and landscape design. eLane has exemplified this concept.

In collaboration with the Bonham Asset Management LLC, we have gone to great lengths to design and build this unique landscape. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but this installation is fully functional and a model of conservation. The plants schedule is entirely all Pennsylvania Natives or Pennsylvania Adapted. No invasive species were used. What does this mean? When you use Native plants in the Landscape, they do not have to acclimate to the environment, they existed here before we did. The plants are used to the seasonal changes, meaning there is no need for constant irrigation, which consumes energy. The plants remain healthy and hearty and are resistant to common pests and diseases, which in turn, eliminates the use for harmful pesticides.

The Orchard is designed not only as a place to relax. Food and Beauty go hand in hand. From the flower comes fruit. This orchard doesn’t stop at a few fruit trees either. Various unique culinary herbs, chestnut trees, and other edibles not only provide a culinary arsenal, but create a sense of community for the residents, and eliminate the need to travel to the grocery store. The patio in the orchard was created using post-construction waste and some good old elbow grease.

Why should we waste our good rain water by sending it into the storm sewers! At eLane, a secondary Stormwater BMP (best management practice) was installed to prevent this awful waste of our precious water. This detention pond was planted with Pennsylvania Native Wetland Plants to volatize and prevent erosion of the sidewalls. With this strategy in place, rainwater slowly soaks into the ground and replenishes natural aquifers instead of picking up harmful in-organic compounds and running off into the storm sewer to the nearby rivers. The rip rap spillway was also created using post-construction waste concrete.

Finally the Eco-Lawn. This was a child born out of laziness and conservation. Some call it the No-Mow Lawn. Rightly so. This blend of North American Fescues, will reach a maximum height of only three inches. This lawn is hearty and plush, and requires no maintenance. The topsoil mounds were created to eliminate trucking out leftover topsoil. By laying them out in defined and calculated patterns, off set from one another, when viewed from any angle they create a “Rolling Lawn” or wave effect on the eyes.


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